• Mi-One® Brands

    Mi-One® Brands, best known for Mi-Pod® and VaporLAX™ was founded in 2008 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. We have been on the INC5000 List for 5 years in a row as one of America's Fastest Growing Companies. Mi-One® Brands designs, manufactures & distributes lines of premium electronic vaporizers under several brands including Mi-Pod®, VaporLAX™, Sirius™, Mi-Salt®, SV®, Wi-Pod® and S6XTH Sense®, among others.

    We also OEM specialized hardware for the growing cannabis concentrate market. We believe in being a customer-centric organization, first through our passion & dedication to truly focusing on the quality & product details to deliver a better user experience and second by building long-term business relationships that are about people and on a foundation of trust and mutual benefit. Our ENDS products have been submitted to the FDA for PMTAs.

    Mi-One® Brands